Are you looking for a cutting edge vocational development ?
Do you want to move from a general role to a more specialized managerial role ?
HIBA qualifies managers to carry out their duties professionally.  In the current international economical environment, local markets need to adapt very fast to the severe competition of the international and regional markets.  Not only big businesses do need managers with an international orientation and deep apprehension of international markets and international economy, but also smaller, independent ones do.  Therefore, HIBA assumes the responsibility for preparing highly qualified managers to face future challenges through its higher education programs; the MBA (Master of Business Administration) and EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration). The MBA program aims to prepare cadres who have the skills and qualifications that the Syrian business sector needs by enhancing the managerial abilities of the participants to work at any company whether in the private or the public sectors inside or outside Syria.  The EMBA program aims to enable managers to achieve progress at the managerial level through an education system that provides the skills that today’s managers need. The program is designed to provide Syria with competent cadres to make the economical reform that the country wants to fulfill possible.



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