Directorate of Administrative & Services Affairs

 The directorate participates in drawing up laws and special rules pertaining to HIBA, and it carries out administrative and legal studies. Moreover, the department supervises services activities, transportation besides pursuing human resources affairs in HIBA.

It is supervising the existing infrastructure of HIBA (civil, electrical, mechanical, informatics). That includes qualifying and maintaining it periodically to enable users to invest it at best. Besides supervising the software systems implemented in HIBA and suggesting modern systems that get along with the development in the field of information systems.

Subsidiary Departments:

- Medical Insurance Department: The department is in charge of follow up all procedures with the insurance company.

- Human Resources Department: The department task comprises the recruitment of workers and employees and the supervision of all workers in HIBA.

- Legal Affairs and Vocational Work Section: This section presents legal advice for HIBA management and its different activities in addition to pursuing HIBA lawsuits. Furthermore, it reconsiders HIBA rules and regulations and suggests amendments if necessary.

- Information Resources Section: Its task is to supervise the operation of the information systems adopted by HIBA and to suggest new systems.

- Information Technology Services Section: Its task is to supervise the operation of the information technology services.

- Services Section: This section supervises services such as guarding, hygiene, forums, service workers, correspondents, and gardens.

- Bureau Section: It is responsible for registering the outgoing and the incoming mail and registering all the decisions. It is also responsible for distributing the mail as requested and circulating the mail to targeted workers and directorates

- Vehicles Office: The office supervises transportation, and it is also responsible for the services workers’ transportation from and to HIBA.



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