Directorate of Financial Affairs

 The directorate handles all the activities related to financial and accounting affairs of HIBA and in accordance with the rules and regulations in force. In addition, it prepares the closing annual accounts of HIBA budget.

Subsidiary Departments:

- Revenues Department: Its task is to collect HIBA fees and other revenues, to record HIBA expenses, and to conduct bank reconciliations.

- Budget Expenses Department: The task of this department is to prepare both HIBA current and investment budgets. It also supervises the expenses of HIBA budget items and it carries out the transfers related to HIBA budget.

- Payroll Section: Its task is to disburse the due payments to HIBA workers and teachers.

- Contracts Section: It is responsible for the implementation of the special contracts concluded with HIBA and pursuing their final value settlements.

- Warehouses Section: The task of this section is to enter items purchased by the purchasing committee through original memoranda into the warehouse, and taking out items from the warehouse in accordance with regulations.



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