Studying Plan

School year is divided into two semesters or less than one academic year at the Institute for 28 weeks and virtually no fewer credit hours, the weekly 26 hours and not more than 32 hours should be limited to the lecture and educational theory and practice, including not more than two hours and specifies the number of courses in each semester not to exceed eight decisions and not less than five decisions for the Council to give a single decision to do so. 

Language of instruction at the Institute of Arabic and can be taught some courses in foreign language. 
Distributed to the successful students of the fourth year on the specific mandates of the Institute according to the rules established by the Council, taking into account the desire of the student in the light of the number determined by the Council in each jurisdiction and the general average marks obtained by students in courses related to jurisdiction is required. 
Studying plan for the first year 
Studying plan for the second year 
Studying plan for the third year 
Studying plan for the fourth year 
Studying plan for the fifth year
Course Syllabus For Operations Management and Management Information Systems
Course Syllabus For Human Resources Management Department
Course Syllabus For Banking and Financial Management Department
Course Syllabus For Marketing and International Trade Department
Course Syllabus For Basic sciences Department




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