Registration Requirements

1-   Students are accepted at HIBA through a Preliminary test (PAT) undertaken yearly by the institute before the beginning of an academic year at the beginning of September every year.

2-    Differentiation of students who apply for the PAT is decided based on the students’ passing averages in the PAT and according to rules approved by HIBA Board.  Here are the conditions of admission of students to get a BS in Business Administration:
a)   To have a baccalaureate certificate or a commercial baccalaureate certificate or any equivalent regional or international certificate.
b)   Baccalaureate certificates dating back for more than three years from the date of application are not accepted.
c)   To pass the PAT test and to be compatible with the admission criteria set annually by HIBA Board.
d)   To pay the scholastic fees decided by the financial system. 
3-    Students who get the preparatory certificate in Business Administration after three years and do not pursue to have the BS may come back and register to continue at HIBA within three years of getting the preparatory certificate.  Students who are registered at other universities in the Syrian Arab Republic are not prohibited from registering at HIBA on condition that they adhere to HIBA regulations including those relevant to attendance average approved by HIBA.



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