Registration Requirements

1. Students are admitted to the Institute through a test (PAT) conducted annually by the Institute before the start of the academic year (the beginning of the month of October of each year).

2. The comparison between the students applying for the admission test (PAT) is based on the sequence of their success average in the test and the rules set by the Institute Board. The conditions for the admission of students to register at a "degree in Management Science" are:

a. Must have a general secondary school certificate (baccalaureate) or a commercial secondary certificate or any equivalent of Arab and foreign certificates.

B. The required secondary certificate should not have been obtained more than three years from the date of application to register at the Institute.

C. To successfully pass the Institute's admission test and to meet the admission criteria set by the Institute Board annually.

D. To pay the tuition fees determined by the financial system.

3. A Student who has obtained the "preparatory certificate in administration" from the HIBA and has not pursued his studies to obtain bachelor degree may register leave to enroll at the stage of leave, if he has not obtained the preparatory certificate for more than three years.

4. A student shall not be prevented from registering at the Institute if he is enrolled in another academic degree in a university in the Syrian Arab Republic on condition that he complies with the regulations of the Institute, including those relevant to attendance hours approved by HIBA.


The required documents for registration at the Higher Institute of Business Administration:

The following papers are presented when registering at the Institute, (in addition to the admission test documents):

1- A certified copy of the secondary certificate.

2 - Application for registration from the Institute with a financial stamp 10 SP, the Red Crescent stamp 10 SP and the teachers union stamp 10 SP.

3 - Three personal pictures.

4- Medical examination receipt for non-Syrians.

5- Blood donation document or exemption from the donation.

6. Financial receipt of the annual installment


Applying conditions for admission test to the Higher Institute of Business Administration:

The Institute receives the students to apply for admission test in the eighth month of each year, as a prelude to their admission to study at HIBA at the undergraduate level according to the following conditions:

1. Fill application form for the admission test.

2 - Registration in the admission test according to the declared conditions, pay the registration fee and receipt of the registration card for the test.

3 - Commitment and compliance with the instructions of admission test, the most important of which:

a. Compliance with the place and time of the test.

B. Present personal identification or passport of non-Syrians with the registration card.

C. Do not take any documents related to the test (no cell phone in the examination room).

D. Comply with all the general rules of examinations.

After the announcement of the results of the admission test, students are registered at the institute by differentiation until the completion of the required number according to the capacity of the Institute, noted that those who are late for registration from the admitted students during the announced and planned period to registration lose their right to register and will be registered who followed them according to the declared sequence of results without have the right to object.



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