A Review about the section

The section supervises academic and teaching affairs within its specialty throughout all the studying phases at HIBA.  The MIS Section is a combination of human resources, programs, hardware and software, networks, information, procedures, and policies that serve in collecting, storing, processing, and data featuring, which certainly helps the organization’s management to carry out its responsibilities efficiently and quickly. The section also improves the organization’s performance and productivity.
The Section’s Tasks:
1-  Providing the students with skills that integrate management, information, and technologies pertinent to it, hence enabling them to use information systems and applications in running managerial operations and making the decisions based on an informatics and developed base.
2-  Guiding students how to use information technologies and communications to qualify cadres that satisfy the end user’s needs of managerial information (sciences) in different positions.
3- Following up the development of operations management and the Management Information Systems.
4- Participating in conferences and forums carried out inside and outside the country.



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