A Review about the section

The finance and banking section is one of five main sections that form the basic structure of all academic and teaching activities at HIBA.  The main task of this section is to carry out activities and scientific works that are basically of financial and banking nature, including banking, insurance, and financial markets sectors.

The section’s tasks:

- The section contributes through these tasks to providing students with skills enabling them to invest in the various programs implemented by HIBA.

- The section directly supervises the finance and banking major for the fourth and the fifth year academically and scholastically.  In addition, it supervises the                relevant curricula for the preparatory period that includes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years. The section’s members supervise the graduation projects of fifth year students  and the   projects of second, third, and fourth year students. Besides, it supervises the training courses pertinent to the section’s specialty.

- The section members cover the Financial Management course of the MBA program; Communications major in addition to some EMBA courses according to need    resulting from the    signed agreements with the European universities.

- Supervising teaching activities and carrying out the tasks delegated by HIBA Board, HIBA Council, the Dean, and the Vice Dean.

- The section participates in conferences and forums inside and outside the country.



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