Exams Regulations

1- Students are not allowed to go to the exam of any course if they have not realized an attendance rate of 75%.
2- Students are examined at the end of each semester in the courses that they have covered during that semester.
3- The exam system at HIBA depends, in every semester, on exams, oral and written tests, students’ activities, and seminars.The mark of each course in any semester is calculated by taking the average of the following activities after weighing them as follows: 
a) Students’ activities mark is multiplied by one
b) Oral and written tests are multiplied by two
c) Midterm written exam is multiplied by three Weights advert in article “a” and article “b” are decided by HIBA Scientific and Students’ Affairs Council.
4- The student who misses an exam gets a zero in that exam.
5- No student is to enter the exam hall after distributing the questions
6- Students are not allowed to bring any book or a paper or a document or any other sources into the exam hall even if they were irrelevant, unless permitted by the course teacher, and that should be submitted on HIBA exam paper exclusively. 
7- The student cannot withdraw or leave the exam hall before half an hour after distributing the questions, and he/she has to give the exam paper to the supervisor or the invigilator before he/she leaves.
8- Students are not to talk or do anything in the exam hall that would disrupt the exam. In case of violation, the student receives a warning and if the act is repeated, he/she is forced to leave the exam hall and his exam in that very course is cancelled.
9- If the student is caught cheating or using any relevant or irrelevant paper whether he/she benefitted from it or not, he/she is going to get a zero in that course.
10- Mobiles or any other electronic devices are absolutely forbidden in the exam hall.  Students who get caught using them will get a zero in that course.
11- The student is deprived of one exam session if the above mentioned violations are repeated, and he/she is expelled if this is repeated for the third time.
12- The student is entitled to keep his activities mark, seminar’s mark, and other practical tests’ marks while he/she gets the written exam’s mark cancelled.
13- The student will be terminally expelled from HIBA in the following two cases:
a)  In case of impersonation aiming to do somebody else’s exam or if somebody else does for the same purpose.
b)  In case he/she forged any document or participated in any forgery, or used, or benefitted from any of these documents.
14- The student succeeds in an exam if he/she gets 60% at least, or 40% at least with a total average that is no less than 60% without violating item 16 of these rules.
15- The student succeeds an academic year if he/she fulfils success conditions in all the courses of that year.  
16- The student moves to a higher class if he/she fulfils the following two conditions:
a)  If his/her total annual average is no less than 60%.
b)  The total of the courses’ weights in which he/she got less than 40% should not be more than four weights through current and previous years.
17- The student who gets less than 60% in some courses, no more than four courses a year, is entitled to have a retake exam in these courses during the retake exam session announced every year a month before the beginning of the first semester of the following academic year.  However, if he/she gets a lower mark, he/she is entitled to keep the higher mark.
18- The student who fails should repeat all the courses in which he got less than 60% and it is requested that he achieves the attendance rate. He/she is entitled also to keep his marks that are no less than 60% in the courses. 
19- Students who move to a higher class, and still have courses from previous years, are entitled to keep their activities’ marks and seminars’ marks.  In addition, they are exempted from attendance.  However, they are entitled to have another assessment based on a written request presented to the Directorate of Students’ Affairs during the first month of that semester, and in this case, attendance is obligatory and no previous marks are considered.
20- Students in the final year, who do not pass one or two courses in the first semester, are allowed to have these courses in the second semester of that academic year.
21- Students’ passing ranks that HIBA grants are as follows:
a)  Degree of honor if the total average is 90% or more.
b)  Excellent degree if the total average is between 80%  and 89%
c)  Very good degree if the total average is between 70% and 79%
d)  Good degree if the average is between 65% and 69%

e)  Fair degree if the average is between 60% and 64%The student’s rank is submitted on the certificates and documents that HIBA grants 


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