Moving to HIBA Requirements


- May go to the Institute, from universities or institutions of higher non-Syrian jurisdiction similar to the jurisdiction of the Institute according to the rules established by the Council of the Institute. 

- An applicant transition: 
A) be in possession of a high school diploma Syrian public or commercial, or equivalent. 
B) have successfully passed the second academic year at least. 
C) it has not been exhausted opportunities to register at the university, which was registered there. 
W) should not have finished college. 
C) To apply the transition to the Institute within the dates specified by the Council. 
- Do not accept applications go to the last year of the Institute. 
- Shall accept requests to move the decision of the Council in the light of the absorptive capacity of each school year, according to the rules and conditions established by the Council. 
- The Council of Scientific Affairs and student courses assigned to the student as a result of different approaches, but not more than four decisions, but otherwise the record in his sophomore year minimum. 



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