Moving to HIBA Requirements

 It is permissible to transfer to the institute from Syrian governmental or non-Syrian universities or higher institutes of similar specialization to that of the institute in accordance with the rules established by the institute’s board.  


The applicant for the transfer is required:

A) To have a Syrian public high school degree or commercial, or equivalent. 

B) To successfully pass the second academic year at least. 

C) Not to be run out of opportunities to register at the university which he/she was registered there. 

W) Should not have finished his/her study. 

C) To apply the transition request to the Institute within the dates specified by the Council. 


- Applications to transfer to the last year of the Institute are not accepted. 

- The decision of accepting the requests of transfer is issued by the Council in the light of the capacity of each academic year, according to the rules and conditions established by the Council. 

- The Council of Scientific Affairs and student assigned thew courses to the student as a result of different approaches, but not more than four courses, otherwise the student should register in previous year. 






 Graduate managerial cadres that complement business sectors with different management specializations that get along with the globalization requirements. HIBA contributes as well to the social responsibility for human development with total commitment to business ethics.


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