Cooperative Fund - Students Grants


Students’ aid system 

Preliminary provisions 
Article (1) Definitions:
- The following expressions advert in this system mean the explanation beside each one of them: 
- The System:  the system of students’ aid in HIBA 
- The institute: the Higher Institute of Business Administration established by virtue of decree No. 40 in 2001 
- The fund: the cooperative fund for the HIBA personnel, established by virtue of decree No. 253 in 2006 
- The Board: the Cooperative Fund Board 
- The Dean: HIBA Dean and the head of the Cooperative Fund Board
- The Director: Director of the Cooperative Fund 
- The committee: the committee that supervises the implementation of this system, formed  in compliance with Article 2 of the same system
- The student:  the student officially registered at HIBA
- The aid:  the amount of money that is given to the student from the cooperative fund
Article (2) supervision committee:
a)  a committee is formed by a decision from HIBA Dean.  The main task of this committee is to supervise the implementation of this system and study the requests presented by students to benefit from the fund.  An official report is to be presented with suggestions to the board to make appropriate decisions. The committee consists of:

1-HIBA Secretary   General        


2-One of the board members representing academic staff


3-Students’ Affairs Director       


4-Head of students’ Administrative Commission at HIBA  


5-Head of administrative and financial affairs of the fund


6-The fund director

member and minutes taker

b) The committee is entitled to ask the student to present any additional necessary documents in addition to the required documents.  The committee can also gather data or carry out field tours if necessary.
Article (3) types of students’ aids:
HIBA students benefit from this system within the limits of the budget allocated for this purpose and the fund annual budget and according to procedures and provisions advert in this system:
a) Medical aids
b) Scholastic aids
c) Students’ activities aids
1- Medical aids 
Article (4):
The student benefits from the medical aid in case he/she was injured or got sick as a result of an accident or some activities taking place in HIBA, and he/she did not cause that accident.  The student gets 60% of the treatment expenses according to the medical aid tarrif of the fund providing that these expenses are not covered by other bodies and as follows:
a) The injured student apply to the fund within 3 working days at most starting from the date of injury or illness unless there is a legitimate reason for the delay accepted by the Board upon the committee’s suggestion.
b) The student has to present an authenticated, detailed medical report stating his condition, reasons, period, and results of treatment.
c) Presenting original invoices with detailed projections.
d) The committee studies the application and presents a suggestion to the Board to take an appropriate decision.
e) The aid is dispensed upon the Dean’s resolution, based on the board’s acceptance. 
Article 5: 
The fund avails medicines for emergency cases controlled by the Students’ Affairs Director. 
2- Scholastic aids: 
Article 6: 
the board grants the students scholastic aids that do not exceed 50% of the university fees within the fund annual allocated budget according to the following procedures: 
a- The application for scholastic aid is presented to the fund at the beginning of every academic year with the following enclosed documents:
1- A hand written application filled out and signed by the student before the fund director or his deputy.
2- A document from the Students Affairs Directorate that confirms the student’s good mannerisms, and ensures that he/she does not have any disciplinary sanctions such as a registered warning or more intense sanction.  In case there are any previous sanctions, the aid is not offered before two years from the last sanction. 
3- A document from the Students Affairs Directorate that projects the student’s academic progress at HIBA, his results, and his potentials of success.
4- An authenticated document which explains financial or social challenges that require consideration.
a: in case some documents are missing, the fund director is entitled to give the student 3 days from the date of applying to complete the documents, otherwise the student’s request is cancelled.
c: completed documents are forwarded to the committee to be studied, taking into consideration the registration date.
d: the committee submits a report that contains its suggestion about granting the scholastic aid, its amount, besides an accurate description of the social and financial condition of the student and the overall circumstances and facts that led to this description.
Article 7: 
a- The following students do not benefit from the scholastic aid system:
-  1st year students
-  Students who fail 
-  Post graduate students
b- The student benefits one time only from the scholastic aid system during his study period at HIBA. 
3- Aids of students activities: 
Article 8: 
The Board is entitled to grant special aids to carry out cultural, scientific, social, athletic, and entertaining activities according to the committee’s suggestion as follows:
A request is forwarded to the fund by the head of students’ Administrative Commission adequately explaining the kind of activity and a plan to implement this activity including time, place, participants, invitees, expenses, in addition to the requested amount of aid attached with the management approval to move on with the activity. 
4- General Articles
Article 9: 
Relevant instructions are issued and put into effect, when necessary, by a resolution from the Dean according to the fund director’s suggestion.
Article 10:
Articles of this system are implemented and put into effect starting from the date of issuance, and students who registered in the academic year 2008 –2009 can benefit from it.



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