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HIBA Assembly 

Assemblies, lectures, and presentations are part of the Directorate of International Affairs, Marketing, and Training.  One of these assemblies is HIBA monthly assembly through which the students are provided with knowledge and information excerpted from different experiences in the fields of administrative development; thus activating students’ contribution to the business community, the matter which enhances their experience and gives them a belonging feeling to HIBA aiming eventually to develop the national economy. 
Assembly Target: 
- Give HIBA a new market place.
- Involve students in HIBA’s activities and develop social initiative.
- Provide HIBA library with special business peoples’ experiences.
- Introduce students to new creative ideas about new enterprises.
- Avail interaction between HIBA and students on one hand, and business sectors on the other, and that takes place when a high profile business person is invited to talk about his successful experience and involve students in his experience through discussions. Students’ Administrative Commission The Students’ Commissions comprises 12 students elected by HIBA students under the supervision of the Students National Union.



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