Administative Committee

Tasks of the commission:
Through the Students National Union, the commission organizes scientific and entertainment tours, and parties.  In addition, it pursues students’ affairs, especially those that are not sorted out through HIBA Council or Board.
 Through HIBA Board and HIBA Council, the commission pursues teaching, academic, and students’ affairs as follows:
- The commission has the right to make suggestions, protest, vote, or reserve.
- Participating in phrasing and decreeing the weekly lectures timetable and the exams timetable, and it has the right to discuss it in coordination with the teaching cadres taking in consideration the students’ interest and the requirements of the teaching process.
- Presenting proposals to HIBA Board and HIBA Council that express the students’ opinions and viewpoints with the right justification and target whether these proposals are relevant to scientific and academic issues, or related to research and services.
- Propose the students who need subsidies and satisfy their needs by coordinating with relevant bodies at HIBA.
- Participating in scheduling exams, holidays, military camps, and scientific tours inside and outside the country. 
- Participating in fixing the books, references, and university publications prices fairly and appropriately.
- Providing proposals relevant to social, health, syndical, and athletic affairs and insuring the medical care’s role at HIBA, in addition to pursuing athletic activities and their requisites.
- Make proposals appropriate for collecting university fees from students and the possibility to amend these fees.
- Make the necessary proposals to phrase internal correspondences according the students’ requirements to ensure a well developed educational and administrative system.
- Working on developing the teaching curricula and make necessary proposals.
- Pursuing scientific activities at HIBA and the university centers and avail the requisites to carry them out.
- Supervise different students’ activities including the IT club, the university sports club, students’ cinema club, art exhibitions, books exhibitions, and the university theatre.
HIBA Assembly
Assemblies, lectures, and presentations are part of the Directorate of International Affairs, Marketing, and Training.  One of these assemblies is HIBA monthly assembly through which the students are provided with knowledge and information excerpted from different experiences in the fields of administrative development; thus activating students’ contribution to the business community, the matter which enhances their experience and gives them a belonging feeling to HIBA aiming eventually to develop the national economy.



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