Administrative body

The administrative body is a group of 12 students elected by students of the Higher Institute of Business Administration under the supervision of the National Union of Syrian Students.
The administrative body performs a number of functions:
* Through the National Union of Syrian Students:
Arrang scientific and entertainment trips and parties and follow up students’affairs unless there is a solution for it in the councils of the Institute
* Through the institute councils:
The administrative body, through its representation on the institute councils and the committees emanating from it, follows up on all educational and teaching issues and related student issues, most notably:
- The commission has the right to make suggestions, protest, vote, or reserve.
- Participating in phrasing and decreeing the weekly lectures timetable and the exams timetable, and it has the right to discuss it in coordination with the teaching staff taking in consideration the students’ interest 
- Presenting proposals to HIBA’s Board that express the students’ opinions and viewpoints with the right justification and target whether these proposals are relevant to scientific, academic, research, or services issues.
- Suggesting the names of fellow students in need of free financial aid and working to provide their requirements in coordination with the relevant authorities in the councils of the Institute.
- Participating in scheduling exams, holidays, camps, and scientific tours inside and outside the country. 
- Participating in pricing the books, references, and university publications fairly and appropriately.
- Providing proposals relevant to social, health, union, and athletic affairs of fellow students and students’s medical care at HIBA, in addition to pursuing athletic activities and its requirments. 
- Make appropriate proposals for collecting university fees from students and the possibility to amend these fees. 
- Make the necessary proposals to draft of internal regulations according the students’ requirements to ensure a well developed educational and administrative system.
- Working on developing the teaching curricula and make necessary proposals.
- Pursuing scientific activities at HIBA and the university centers and avail the requisites to carry them out.
- Supervise different students’ activities including the IT club, the university sports club, students’ cinema club, art exhibitions, books exhibitions, and the university theatre.


 Graduate managerial cadres that complement business sectors with different management specializations that get along with the globalization requirements. HIBA contributes as well to the social responsibility for human development with total commitment to business ethics.


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